Current Opportunities

Listed below are some of the practice areas (and the number of available positions) for which we are currently recruiting for the Silicon Valley market:

Antitrust (1)
Corporate (31)
Debt Finance (1)
ERISA/Employee Benefits/Executive Compensation (7)
IP Litigation (25)
Labor & Employment (17)
Litigation (10)
Patent Prosecution (27)
Real Estate (5)
Securities Litigation (2)
Tax (9)
Technology Transactions (20)
Trusts & Estates (2)

Hiring Trends

Legal hiring in Silicon Valley has remained consistently strong, specifically (and not surprisingly) in the corporate and intellectual property areas. Corporate associates who work in the areas of M&A, venture capital, and private equity are in extremely high demand, as are patent prosecutors. Technology transactions hiring is very strong now and ERISA/executive compensations positions abound. Candidates who have been unable to secure positions in San Francisco should definitely consider looking in this market.


The cities of Silicon Valley, once sleeper communities for San Francisco, have each taken on a life of their own since tech became king here. Life here is in some ways easier than in the city but it is no less busy (or less expensive). Even for California, Silicon Valley is an original. Residents will tell you that part of Silicon Valley’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it grew rapidly and is relatively affluent. There is little here in the way of historical architecture and many of its buildings were constructed after the 1960s when the semiconductor industry began to explode. Still, there are many benefits to living here, including a very healthy job market. Residents also enjoy the benefits of smaller communities, beautiful weather, outstanding food, gourmet coffee, and access to the beauty (and vineyards) of Napa and Sonoma Counties.

There is no denying that Silicon Valley’s tech industry is the giant machine driving the forces of commerce and industry for much of the Bay Area.Start-ups—and their related venture capital backers—abound, and hundreds of Fortune 100 companies, includingGoogle, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, e-bay, Netflix, and LinkedIn all have their headquarters here. Towns are populated with engineers, computer scientists, investors and financial analysts, biomedical scientists, and lawyers, all of whom are in way or another, are buttressed by the tech industry.


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