Current Opportunities

Listed below are some of the practice areas (and the number of available positions) for which we are currently recruiting for the Boston market:

Corporate (34)
Debt Finance (3)
Energy-Project Finance (1)
ERISA/Employee Benefits/Executive Compensation (4)
Healthcare (1)
Insurance (1)
IP Litigation (3)
IP Transactions/Licensing (6)
Litigation (6)
Patent Prosecution (26)
Real Estate (8)
Tax (3)
Trusts & Estates (3)

Hiring Trends

If you are currently seeking a position in Boston, you’re in luck: legal hiring is thriving. The job market here is not unlike San Francisco’s, with its current emphasis on life sciences biotech, venture capital, private equity, and patent prosecution. Like most major markets across the country, Boston firms are increasingly hiring finance and debt finance associates who can supplement their busy corporate practices. Firms are also very interested in patent prosecutors who possess a life sciences background.


Boston is one of the most vibrant cities in the US, boasting notable landmarks from America’s revolutionary past, stellar colleges and universities, a flourishing international scene, and sports fans who are fanatically passionate about their teams. Despite its size, Boston is a city of neighborhoods and locals. Regardless of the massive influx of students who come and go, there are many families in Boston who have been here since our nation’s founding—and they aren’t going anywhere! Job seeking in Boston for outsiders can be somewhat challenging: local firms tend to prefer their own. Ties to the area are essential.


To speak with a recruiter about these vacancies or to discuss your job search, please contact us at:
415-322-8168 or 202-236-8696.
You may also reach us via email at: